“Nair’s restaurant” The oldest Indian Restaurant in Japan

ナイルレストラン外観I visited “Nair’s restaurant”, the oldest Indian restaurant in Japan, established in 1949. It was located 1 minute walk from Higashi-Ginza station. I arrived there at 11:27, 3 minutes before its opening and found 7 people were in line, but could enter the restaurant at opening.

Guests were coming one after another and invited onto second floor. I ordered “Murugi Lunch”(¥1,500) which was the most popular dish at Nair’s restaurant. The dish came in 10 minutes.

ナイルレストラン-ムルギーランチCurry, mashed potato, cabbage, green peas and chicken leg with bone were on yellow rice. A person in charge took bone out of chicken leg for you to eat easily.

ナイルレストラン-鶏もも肉Please take a look at his technique! He finished it at once!!

ナイルレストラン-ムルギランチHe advised me to stir them thoroughly. I did not see to what extent I should do it and looked around. I found a person who looked like regular customer stirring them furiously. I decided to do as he did.
I tasted ones both before and after stirring. Big difference. Raw smell of cabbage disappeared with curry. In addition, cabbage became sweet. Best performer was mashed potato which made the dish soft in total. Soft and juicy chicken was also delicious. Overall, quite a balanced dish. I should point out that spices played a good role with reasonable hotness.

Restaurant’s name: Nair’s restaurant(ナイルレストラン)
Address: 5F, KITTE, 4-10-7, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours:11:30~21:30(Weekdays)
11:30~20:30(Sundays,National Holidays)
Holiday: Tuesdays
Payment method: Pay later



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