“Nemuro Hanamaru Kitte Marunouchiten”


Tokyo station

Today, I visited “Nemuro Hanamaru Kitte Marunouchiten”. It was located within KITTE, which directly connected to Tokyo station through underpass.



In case you took ground surface, it was just in front of south outlet of Marunouchi, Tokyo station. I arrived there at 10:30. An escalator to restaurant (5F) floor started its operation at 10:52. I waited for a while and got on an escalator.

開店前There were 7 people in line.





Squid, sweet shrimp and octopus were cheap! It was exciting to see sushi which you rarely saw in other sushi shop.


Saury of Nemuro(¥205)

A red salmon roe dipped in soy sauce(¥345)

Sweet shrimp(¥140)

根室花まる KITTE丸の内店-ホタテJapanese scallop(¥410)

Smoked salmon with foam of soy sauce(¥345)


Octopus head(¥140)

All of them were fresh and delicious, but impressive ones were as follows;
1. Squid(¥140) Squid was thick and large. Fresh and sweet. Incredibly cheap price.
2. Japanese scallop(¥410) Extremely fresh. It was rare to find at sushi- go-around.
3. A red salmon roe dipped in soy sauce(¥345) A salmon roe was normally too salty. However, this one was not fishy and was dipped in sweet taste soy sauce. Therefore, you could enjoy easily. I would likr to recommend you to try.

When I went out, I found 17 people in line.
Guests normally didn’t stay long, so you didn’t have to wait so long. Why don’t you come in!

Restaurant’s name: Nemuro Hanamaru Kitte Marunouchiten(根室花まる KITTE丸の内店)
Address: 5F, KITTE, 2-7-2, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours:11:00~23:00(Monday~Fridays)
11:00~22:00(Sundays,National Holidays)
Holiday: Open throughout a year
Payment method: Pay later



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